A Momo Horror FIlm Is Happening

The viral internet hoax that is Momo is coming to the big screen. According to Deadline, Orion Pictures, best known for being in the process of remaking Child’s Play, is going to oversee the production alongside Vertigo Entertainment. Japanese horror film producer, Taka Ichise, is going to produce the film.

Mother Bird, better known as Momo, is a sculpture by Keisuke Aiso. The origins of the sculpture are traced back to a 2016 Tokyo art gallery exhibit. Back in 2018, the face of Mother Bird was hit with a wave of popularity as people spread the Momo Challenge rumor.

The Momo Challenge was highly dangerous and with local news in Scotland and Argentina about supposed “Momo-related” incidents, it got to some high places. People like Kim Kardashian even posted on Instagram warning parents of the hidden messages in YouTube videos, which YouTube denies extensively.

Furthermore, it has found its way into hoax territory as nothing was able to be verified. Not much else is public about the project.

Mother Bird is actually based on a piece of Japanese folklore called Ubume. A yōkai that, according to Yō, are mothers who passed during birth. It’s also been theorized to be tied to a poisonous bird yōkai which also has a history of stealing babies and take them into the night sky.