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A Mortal Kombat Movie Is Coming And Fans Are Hyped


The last Mortal Kombat film to hit the theaters came out all the way back in 1997 (Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, anyone?), so this has been something fans have been looking forward to for a long time. It’s finally time for MK to get a reboot.

With fantastic reception to Mortal Kombat 11having been released just a month ago – this is a good move. NetherRealm Studios is pumping the iron while it’s hot and building great hype around the game; 27-years strong and going as strong as ever.

It’s okay if you forgot about the original Mortal Kombat movies – we did too. Critics were far from happy with Annihilation. But, you need not fret – the new release is in very good hands.

New Line Cinema, the studio behind the magic, first announced the reboot in 2011, but nothing ever came of it. Patience finally brought luck to their side along with James Wan, the iconic horror producer behind The Conjuring, Insidious, and more recently, Aquaman. Time will tell how the film will turn out, but there’ll certainly be some killer special effects.

Given that video game adaptations are all the rage right now (we’re about talking Detective Pikachu, not Sonic), Mortal Kombat could not be coming out at a better time.

Also, did we mention that it’s gonna be filmed in Australia?

Here’s what James had to say:

I’m really happy and excited to be bringing another show back to Australia with Mortal Kombat, especially after having such a great experience filming Aquaman. Now we get to experience South Australia with its scenic locations and a wealth of artistic talent to work with. It will be perfectly suited for this fantasy-action project.

As of now, the film is in pre-production. Other than a confirmation of the filming location, no vital details have been released yet. Stay on the lookout – you can expect to hear more news soon.

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