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Aladdin Writer Vents on Twitter over Live-Action Remake

Fans were ecstatic to see progress on the live-action Aladdin remake, meanwhile, others were skeptical, to say the least. But, one of the writers behind the 1992 original, Terry Rossio voiced his distaste for the project on Twitter. He hit on the note that the only line of dialogue in the entire trailer was a rhyme he wrote with the help of his writing partner.

Rossio said Disney has been contacted for compensation in these times where they have been remaking every animation they made in the past. He had tried to acquire a pass for Disney, but the corporation refused. He even said on Twitter a simple t-shirt would have also sufficed.


A following tweet said that Rossio was provided a pass along with other screenplay writers. This was around the time Shanghai Disney opened up with a land dedicated for Pirates of the Caribbean, another film Rossio worked on.

That being said, Disney had later taken away the passes and Rossio and other writers were left with nothing but the fixed monetary gains from the animated classic. His last tweet clarified though, he was provided the contracted fee and his rant was more on recognition.

Aladdin will be hitting theaters on May 24, 2019.

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