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Amnesia Dev is Looking into Bringing the Franchise onto the Switch

Frictional Games, the developer of the Amnesia series, said they’d love to bring their franchise to the Nintendo Switch. Thomas Grip, the creative director told GameSpot.

We’re looking into it . . .

The first entry to the Amnesia series was released on the PC in 2010 and labeled Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It was followed up with a sequel game in 2013 developed by The Chinese Room under the moniker of A Machine for Pigs. Six years later, the franchise was brought to the PS4 and this year it was brought to the Xbox One in the Amnesia Collection.


I would love to do Switch content. I grew up with Nintendo being the big platform, so it’s like, ‘Wow, we’re actually doing video games for real now if we can get it on Nintendo!

To be fair, this would be far from the first non-Nintendo property on their Switch platform. Nintendo has seemed to lighten up and allow many more M-rated or third-party titles. Around the time of the release, Bethesda launched The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and DOOM on the Switch. They also greenlit games like the horror game; Resident Evil to be put on the Switch.

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