Ascendant Studios Launches, Games Still To Be Announced

Former Call of Duty Creative Director, Bret Robbins, has founded his very own studio with a team of industry veterans. The studio, under the moniker of Ascendant Studios, is working on its first property.

Each of the members of the founding team have a decade of experience under their belt with members of the studio having contributed to large properties like Call of Duty, Dead Space, The Walking Dead, and more.

This is a dream I’ve had for years, and I’m so excited to finally have the opportunity to start a brand new studio.

Robbins aims to make expansive, high-quality triple-A games as they are not restricted by outside forces telling them what to and what not to do.

We are in a rare position where we have the freedom to do things the right way without outside pressure and make something that is truly new and exciting.

Robbins has yet to announce Ascendant Studios’ first project. According to Games Industry, the studio is working on an action and shooter that ties together the forte of the crew on staff. They are also aiming to potentially bring in new talent to the studio.