Author: lee_wolfencreek_smith

20-Something Gaming, Tabletop and Countdown writer for PixelBay, also sometimes a cat.

[UPDATED] YouTube is Down Worldwide?!

It’s time to grab your bug-out bags and zombie survival kits and get ready for the apocalypse because the internet’s favorite video sharing site has gone dark. At around 2 AM GMT here in the UK, YouTube the home of every cat video ever suddenly stopped working across the board. Youtube has yet to release […]

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Ready Player One in Real Life?! – Ludus VS VRChat

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the last few years, chances are you’ve at least heard of virtual reality. Traversing the virtual ether was, up until a few years ago, the talk of science fiction; not counting Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, which offered a limited and painful virtual experience in the mid-90s. Thankfully we’ve […]

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