Author: megan_parmarter

Megan works as VP of Design for Forest Heart by GreenDot Games. She likes to read books and write things for your eyeballs to consume.

American Vandal Season 2 [2018] – REVIEW

Netflix’s American Vandal released its second season on September 14, 2018, about one year after it had first premiered. It follows Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund, the lead “investigators” from season one, as they attempt to tackle a new case: the case of “The Turd Burglar.” Season 2 of American Vandal remains in the same […]

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Twitter Bans Alex Jones and Infowars

Last week, Twitter announced that it would ban Alex Jones and Infowars from their social media platform, as well as Periscope, a live stream service owned by Twitter. This comes about a month after other prominent social media platforms (Apple, Google, and Facebook) removed Alex Jones and Infowars from their sites. One of Alex Jones’ […]

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