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Bayonetta 3 May Be Coming Sooner Than You Think


The lineup of Nintendo consoles has always been rather family-first-focused. This isn’t to say they never strayed from that demographic from time to time, though. Prior to the Switch’s launch, where a large number of third-party developers had the chance to develop games for the platform, there was Bayonetta by PlatinumGames. Then, there was its sequel and now people are eagerly waiting for Bayonetta 3.

The original Bayonetta launched on all major platforms alongside Nintendo’s Wii U in 2009. This could come as a surprise as this title was rather risque compared to Nintendo’s normal ventures. The game was an interest to many gamers.


Bayonetta 3 was announced in 2017 during The Game Awards.

This announcement was intriguing to those who have played the game in the past. But, instead of keeping fans up to date, neither Nintendo nor PlatinumGames uttered a word about Bayonetta 3. Because of only one trailer being released and not much else to go on, fans were anticipating the launch would probably be another year. The rumor was debunked, however, by the Nintendo Power Podcast recently.

Bill Trinen, a member of the Nintendo Treehouse (a team mostly used to translate games), began talking about Bayonetta 3.

With this collaboration with PlatinumGames, being able to bring stuff like that… and knowing that they mentioned, of course, Bayonetta 3, [which is] still in the works, it really helps to round out the library overall of what’s available on Switch.

He then continued.

And of course, that’s another game that’s maybe coming a little bit sooner than people anticipated, later this year.


Given he is part of a product development team, Trinen is a pretty valuable source. That being said, don’t take his word as proof of its release this year. The Nintendo Direct occurred February 13, so, it’s safe to say that if they really wanted to release it this year, they’d probably have showcased and hyped it up. But, they could also be waiting for E3 too.

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