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Catherine: Full Body Will Launch This September


Following Atlus’ release of Catherine: Full Body today in Japan, they revealed the release date for its Western launch in their English Fine Wine trailer. Released in 2011 to the US, the original Catherine is an action-adventure puzzle game. The story is of Vincent Brooks, a man in a relationship with Katherine. Following her beginning to discuss marriage, Brooks begins having nightmares. In steps Catherine, a girl who Brooks begins an affair with.

Catherine: Full Body is a revamp of the original Catherine with one teensy, tiny addition; Rin. There’s dual audio, all-new puzzles, and new endings found in the game.

You can pre-order its “Hearts Desire Premium Edition”. A collector’s box, metal case, soundtrack, hardcover art book, and above all else, an adorable sheep plush comes with the edition.

Catherine: Full Body will be launching on September 3 on the PS4.

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