Deltarune Released and is a Sequel / Spin-off of Undertale

Halloween this year was an extra special one for Undertale fans because Toby Fox released Deltarune. A  sequel/spin-off to the beloved Undertale. It has been three years since the release Undertale and the fanbase has to clamber for new content. Deltarune is out for everyone to enjoy and flood the internet with countless fan theories.

Deltarune is a continuation of the Undertale story and has strong ambitions to be the superior game. Within in a short amount of days, everyone is falling in love with it. Reports say: “They are falling in love with a new story, characters, music, and gameplay”. The best part about this is that it’s free to download!

What does this mean for the franchise? Well, when you visit the website, you will notice a subheading: “Chapter 1”. Does this mean Deltarune has more installments to come? Is Toby Fox trying to build up to the grand announcement of Undertale 2? Who knows what that mastermind is planning, but whatever it is, I’m also aboard the hype train.