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Devil May Cry Series is in the Works

The executive producer of the Netflix original adaptation of Castlevania, is working to bring the same magic to the Devil May Cry series. We reported last month that a stage play was announced based on the game series.

Adi Shankar did an interview with IGN where he mentioned he is, indeed, producing a Devil May Cry series. It was rumored he was working on other projects aside from Castlevania. One of which was rumored to be a Zelda series. While the latter has yet to be confirmed, Shankar has a well-put-together track record with creating the Castlevania series for Netflix. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if fans will be treated to a Zelda series in the future.

Shankar gave no specifics about the upcoming Devil May Cry series as it’s still in early development but, he did attribute the success of Castlevania to the ability for him to make the announcement. He even mentioned how it over-preformed and was instantly given the green light to make a season three.

Following the release of the news, Shankar went to Twitter to post a picture of himself dressed up as the protagonist of Devil May Cry, Dante.

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