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Dirty Bomb Developer Ceases Development

Back in 2015, a game that goes by Dirty Bomb released its open beta within Steam. August that same year, saw it’s 1.0 version release and it didn’t go too well. For a shooting and multiplayer game, it had very little players compared to other competing titles.

As of this week, the developer – Splash Damage – has announced that it isn’t financially stable enough to warrant taking time out of their day to update the game. Dirty Bomb’s concurrent users peaked at around 12.9 thousand in June 2015 and as time went on, its peak users only ranged around six thousand according to Steam Charts.

It’s with a heavy heart that, after a bug fix build ships in the upcoming weeks, we will be ending live development and updates on Dirty Bomb.

Splash Damage has, however, said they are not going to shut down the official servers as long as there are enough players. But, their unreleased Mercenaries are going to remain unreleased. People who have purchased the All Merc Pack will be refunded by January 31, 2019.

They also mentioned they’re not throwing in the towel as developers. Splash Damage has many projects to come, some which have yet to be made public.

Splash Damage was the developer behind other titles. Games such as Gears of War 4, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Batman: Arkham Origins, and the infamously-known; Brink are examples of some of their previous work.

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