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Dr. Mario World And Its In-App Purchases Model

Dr. Mario

Back in January, Nintendo announced a mobile version of Dr. Mario out of the blue, called Dr. Mario World but with no release date. Back in late June, the release date was confirmed, launching on July 10th, however, Nintendo surprised us with a one-day early release. Of course, when you have a free game on the App Store and Google Play Store, it’s almost guaranteed that it will include in-app purchases of some sorts and like in other Nintendo mobile games, it did.

Dr. Mario World shares a life system very similar to Candy Crush saga’s life system. Players can have up to 5 hearts at any given point and when you fail a level, a heart is taken away from you and every 30 minutes, you get a heart back. However, Nintendo gave players the option to skip the wait, by purchasing them. Nintendo included a premium currency called Diamonds that allow for purchasing one heart for 10 Diamonds, or one (1) hour of unlimited gameplay, meaning no Diamonds are used, for 30 diamonds. While this seems like a monetary scam, Nintendo has decided to let you have one hour of unlimited gameplay for free when you first start the game. Below is the pricing of the Diamond currency.

$1.99 – 20 Diamonds
$4.99 – 53 Diamonds
$9.99 – 110 Diamonds
$19.99 – 250 Diamonds
$39.99 – 550 Diamonds
$69.99 – 1050 Diamonds

Dr. Mario World does not limit you to playing as just Mario. Down below is a list of characters you can as and the assistants as well:


Dr. Mario
Dr. Peach
Dr. Bowser
Dr. Luigi
Dr. Yoshi
Dr. Toad
Dr. Toadette
Dr. Bowser Jr.
Dr. Ludwig von Koopa
Dr. Wendy O. Koopa


Shy Guy
Piranha Plant
Hammer Bro
Cheep Cheep
Spiny Cheep Cheep
Koopa Paratroopa
Buzzy Beetle
Bullet Bill
Boom Boom
Sumo Bro
Pom Pom
Huckit Crab
Scaredy Rat
Sledge Bro

Each character costs 4,000 coins or 40 diamonds and cannot be unlocked until passing level 20. Players can equip up to two assistants at any given time. Each doctor has its own unique skill and each assistant has it’s own unique skills and attributes.

Diamonds can also let you purchase the following:

Capsules: to continue playing a level if you run out of capsules early.
Skill Up: an item that lets you start a level with the skill meter full.
More time in challenge levels

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