Final Fantasy Spotify and Apple Music

Final Fantasy Soundtracks Now Available on Spotify and Apple Music

It’s no secret that the Final Fantasy series has one of, if not the best soundtracks of all time. As controversial as some of the games themselves have been, everyone can agree that the music is absolutely breathtaking. It’s no wonder why fans have been begging Square Enix to release them for years.

Now, it seems they have delivered. Square Enix has officially released the soundtrack albums for every mainline Final Fantasy on most streaming platforms. Not leaving out special releases like Lightning Returns, they range from the original Final Fantasy all the way to XV.

This seems to be a recurring trend. Just earlier in the year, Japanese game developer Capcom made classic tunes from Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Mea Man available for streaming.

Nobuo Uematsu, now considered a legendary composer both inside and outside the gaming industry, was the mastermind behind the original games’ soundtracks. But don’t let recent changes dissuade you- his successors are also beyond talented. Final Fantasy XV‘s Yoko Shimomura, for instance, is also the force behind numerous Smash Bros and Street Fighter tracks.

Fans can find the soundtracks by searching for “Nobuo Uematsu” on either Spotify or Apple Music, the two primary streaming services on which they have been released.