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Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Development is Going “Favorably”

As days go by, fans have grown a bit restless in the progress of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. This anxious behavior is understandable as the announcement of the game was at E3 2015. Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the remake as well as a character designer for Square Enix, was firm to say the development was going favorably during E3 2018.

While that’s all well and good, some information claimed the remake was not in development yet. The reason behind that was because Square Enix’s biggest priority is in producing Kingdom Hearts III. No one can blame the developer for prioritizing Kingdom Hearts III, a game which has a release date looming over the horizon.


In a Famitsu interview, Normura made sure to refute those claims and called it “unofficial information”. While the prioritization of Kingdom Hearts III is still there, he says the development is chugging along “favorably” like he previously said. He also said more information will come out once Kingdom Hearts III is released on store shelves.

No official release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake has been brought to the public as of yet. They do, however, aim to release it sometime in 2019, but that is only a hope.

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