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Final Fantasy XIV Expansion called Shadowbringers is set to Launch Early Summer of 2019

During the 2018 Final Fantasy Fanfest, Square Enix announced their next expansion, Shadowbringers. Square Enix announced a lot of exciting new changes and features to the game! Of course, like the previous expansions, it will bring nine new dungeons and various endgame raids, and new class jobs.

The Trust System

The first exciting feature is the “Trust System” coming from its predecessor, Final Fantasy XI (11). This feature will allow NPC Heroes to run dungeons with you. Making the Shadowbringers expansion playable solo.

The Blue Mage

We can’t forget about the new class job, The Blue Mage! From the trailer announcing this class, we can tell that they will be categorized in the Melee-Magic DPS just like the Red Mage. One main difference from the Red Mage besides its name is its skills. The Blue Mage can be seen using a cane as the main weapon. Further, into the trailer, we can see that they use a bow. This class job will be playable in the 4.5 patch, coming out in early January 2019. Although, there has been no word on the next playable class. A couple key things to remember is that you will start a level one and the level cap is 50. The cap will rise with every new patch release. As for the other classes, The cap will be raised to 80 (Previously 70 in the Stormblood expansion).

A New Playable Race

When Heavensward released, they announced a new race known as the Au’Ra. In this expansion, Naoki Yoshida teased a new playable. Fans have speculated the Viera, a bunny race from Final Fantasy XI will make its return.

New World Transfer System

Without a doubt, FFXIV has gained a ton of new players. And with the recent spike in player population, the devs will create new data centers to create more room. But wait, there’s more! Have you ever wanted to go to a different data center because your friend is there or your data center just sucks? Switching to new servers can be a pain and you have to go through a long process that can get tedious. Well, suffer no longer! The devs are introducing new World Transfer system. Allowing players to freely switch between data centers. Players can complete the quest in that data center as if they never left their old one.

New Game Plus

Finally, Square Enix has decided to add a New Game Plus, which allows players to replay old Main Scenario Quests (MSQ) with there current character and stats.

And as a final thought, I believe that the new expansion will allow us to become Warriors of Darkness. The Trust System, the name of the expansion, and the quote in the announcement trailer, “Become what you must, Become The Warrior of Darkness”. It’s obvious! Something I believe the community has been dying to be.

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