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Frozen Isn’t So Frozen Anymore – First Frozen II Trailer Drops


We all know Frozen from those countless covers of “Let It Go”. But, you may or may not know that it’s soon to be getting a sequel. A trailer for Frozen II has finally dropped today. 2013’s Frozen was a big deal upon its release, garnering Disney a whopping 1.3 billion in the box office. Frozen also likely nabbed just as much with the merchandise. Originally, the producers claimed they never talked about it or didn’t want to “force storytelling”. This led fans to be unsure if the film would get a sequel.

In March 2015, however, then-chief-executive creative officer, John Lasseter, alongside much of the cast, had told shareholders during their annual shareholders conference in San Francisco that Frozen II was in-development. Once this got out, people instantly it was real and would come out eventually.

Frozen II is slated to go to theaters November 22, 2019.

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