Target’s “Foot Pong” Lands Them in Hot Water with Atari

Target appears to be on the wrong side of infringing trademarks. Atari, the company known as one of first to bring gaming to the homes of many, is suing the retailer for their use of Foot Pong.

Implemented earlier this year, Foot Pong is exactly what it sounds like. Two players who are facing each other controls one side and your goal is to garner the most points. However, the big twist is that, rather than playing with two controllers, the players use their feet . . . hence Foot Pong. The game even is played digitally, seemingly using a screen above the area to display the graphics.

This game has apparently, according to Atari, breached the trademark of the classic. Target, however, didn’t care and even plans to continue adding Foot Pong to their stores through March 2019, despite the cease and desist Atari had sent them. This was especially spurred on due to Atari believing they have garnered more customers due to the game.

Atari is seeking at least $150,000 per registered copyright and no less than $2 million per trademark.