Fresh Off the Boat disapproving look

Fresh Off The Boat Renewed, Co-Star Possibly Displeased

ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat co-star, Constance Wu, the face behind Jessica Huang, may not be happy with the renewal of season 6 behind the scenes. In a series of now-deleted tweets (screenshot by Variety), the co-star displayed displeasure. A fan, feeling like congratulating the co-star, gave his congrats on the renewal. Following the “great news”, the actress quickly turned sour and claimed it not to be great news.

On top of her Twitter escapade, she also shown signs of not liking the news on Instagram. The actress put a simple one-word response to the official announcement on the Fresh Off the Boat Instagram. That one word being: “Dislike”. Mere hours after the initial posts, Wu came back to clarify that her actions weren’t because of the show or its renewal, but rather a stressful day.

Some have chosen to believe her, while others are under the assumption she’s hiding her true feelings of the announcement. Nevertheless, Constance Wu claims to be proud to be a part of the series.

Fresh Off the Boat follows the Huang family as they adjust to life from Washington DC’s Chinatown to a majorly white suburb in Orlando after their father opens up the Cattleman’s Ranch steakhouse. The series is loosely based off of the events of Eddie Huang whose father did open up a restaurant. The series, as you imagine is fairly well-received.