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Game Guide Creator, Prima Games is Closing Their Doors Forever

If you’ve called on the help of a good old-fashioned strategy guide to aid you in your gaming experience, you probably used one done by Prima Games. Started in 1990, the company had released strategy guides for next to all the big-name games out there. Its days are now numbered.

During a year-long extensive review, many new ways were explored to diversify Prima Games publishing; however, the dynamics for us of this fast-paced landscape have continued to prove difficult, [. . .] this enormously dedicated team has made every effort to turn the business around, but challenging market conditions have unfortunately worked against them.

Prima Games’ parent company’s CEO, Ian Hudson had announced on November 9 that they will cease publishing game strategy guides. Members of the Indianapolis branch will be publishing the remaining guides and will close effective March 2019.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to any observant internet user. Some people like the feeling of a physical book in hand but, others will value the ease of use its alternative – the internet – provides. With a single button, you can find out all you need to know about any game under the sun . . . any quest, any item, any puzzle’s solution.

In laymen’s terms, the company’s downfall is due to too much competition thanks to digital outlets and the average Joe who found the solution and posted it to YouTube.

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