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GameStop Cancels Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Limited Edition Orders Over “Error”


GameStop has fallen on some hard times. This was evident when their entire model shifted and they began really pushing merchandise in-store. It wasn’t bad, but when you enter a GameStop, you aren’t there looking for a Minecraft Creeper Head, a large Pickle Rick backpack or whatever is popular nowadays. But, this may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back to a wider audience. GameStop has canceled an undisclosed number of Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro orders due to an “error”.

The error in question was GameStop had oversold the bundle which caused a chunk of orders to be canceled. This would have been less of a blow if it weren’t for the fact Kingdom Hearts III is releasing in mere days. GameStop shoppers had taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Twitter fans

If you had watched episode four of the Pixelized Podcast (watch here), you’d know our podcast audio editor and host, Houck, could have fallen victim to buying one of the oversold consoles.

A real voice actor in the world of gaming, Sean Chiplock, has called GameStop out for this.

The Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Limited Edition sold at $399 with a standard terabyte of memory. The console came with a Kingdom Hearts III wallpaper and a matching controller. Those who had their order canceled will receive a $25 gift coupon.

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