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Hollow Knight Dev, Team Cherry, Cancels Physical Release

Team Cherry, the indie developer behind Hollow Knight, made the announcement that they are scrapping the physical release of their title which was slated to release Spring 2019. The news came from Skybound Games who was going to aid Team Cherry in the syndication process. You may remember Skybound as they are the developers currently working The Walking Dead in place of Telltale.

We’re regretfully announcing the cancellation of physical copies of Hollow Knight and our partnership with Skybound Games.

Team Cherry then announced the news via their blog that the disheartening news was real.

As a team of 3 people still in intensive production of Hollow Knight, taking the game into the retail space (even with the extensive assistance of Skybound) proved more work than we could reasonably manage. [. . .] In future, we will investigate other ways to deliver physical versions of Hollow Knight, though likely that will be in smaller quantities.

The team simply underestimated the process of releasing their game physically. Even with the help of Skybound, it was still too much for the team of three to manage.

They did, however, provide some hope to users wanting physical copies. According to their blog post, they plan to investigate other means to make physical copies of Hollow Knight a reality. That being said, it’d be done in limited quantities.

You can play Hollow Knight now on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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