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Hollow Knight Plushie Bundle Comes to Best Buy

Earlier this month, Team Cherry made the announcement that they would be canceling the production of physical copies of Hollow Knight. This was majorly due to the underestimation of producing physical copies of its previously digital game. Simply put, it took a toll on the team of three even with the aid of Skybound Games.

This was sad news as people did enjoy the game and some may have wanted to own a physical copy, as well. But, even so, a new bundle has surfaced thanks to Best Buy.

The bundle doesn’t come with a physical copy of the game but, it does come with an adorable plush and a digital copy. The copy is redeemable within the Nintendo eShop.

The Hollow Knight bundle is priced as only $34.99. This might be a bit much for a plushie but, if you’re new to Hollow Knight, why not also get the bundle?

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