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Joker Was Invited To Be In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Joker smirking at camera.

People like to speculate how a character got into a Smash Bros. entry. Most of the characters are pretty straightforward, like Pokémon, for example. Nintendo created Smash and Pokémon. So, it’s only natural for the two to meld into one entity at some point. Other icons are a bit of a hit or miss, though, speculation goggles are put on and fans are bloodthirsty to know why this character was included.

One of the most bizarre fighters was the likes of Joker from the Persona series. Why is he coming to the Switch-based fighter as DLC? The public really didn’t know until now.

As it turns out, fantasy is more entertaining than reality here. While talking to GNN (translation via Reddit user, lancelam), ATLUS director, Naoto Hiraoka, expressed what led to the inclusion of Joker as DLC in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Mr. Sakurai likes Persona 5 very much, and I happened to like Super Smash Bros. very much. So, when (we) received the invitation, the first thing we thought is “Great!”

It’s rather silly how easy it was to explain. No bizarre trading or anything like that, just a simple desire to bring their two properties together because they enjoy them.

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