No Money For You – Kingdom Hearts III Only Allows “Non-Commercial” Streaming

Kingdom Hearts III is coming soon, tomorrow, in fact. But, before you get too excited, Sony and Disney do have some rules that must be followed for any streamer. It may be more difficult now more than ever.

Back in 2015, Square Enix had put in place a complete barring of playing their music during livestreams on Twitch. This was something that was known to the avid gamer. Even so, it was still ridiculous. But, hey, you could just turn the music off and it’ll be fine. Square Enix even confirmed that. But, their latest restriction is abhorrently vague.

This game is a copyrighted work. The copyright is held by The Walt Disney Company and a collaboration of authors representing The Walt Disney Company. Additionally, the copyright of certain characters is held by Square Enix Co, Ltd.

You are free to stream the game in non-commercial contexts. However, using the streams of the game to primarily provide or listen to the music is prohibited even in such non-commercial contexts.

For more information on the terms of use related to streaming the game, please see the official Kingdom Hearts site.

Streamers must still obey the rules set in place in 2015, they also have to monitor if they are breaking their new rule. The biggest standout is the “non-commercial” statement. They have then directed players to the official Kingdom Hearts III website for further information. No extra information has been provided on the website. The page will likely go live when it releases worldwide.

As of this moment, people are streaming Kingdom Hearts III on Twitch and YouTube. Hopefully, this will all get cleared up and Square Enix will elaborate what “non-commercial” means for streamers and YouTubers.

Kingdom Hearts III will release tomorrow on the PS4 and Xbox One.