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Mega Man 11 Has Launched into Meh and God Reviews

Mega Man 11 has launched today, it is now available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. I had no realized this franchise still existed that there was still demand for Mega Man style games. But, I guess Mega Man 11 can capitalize on those screwed over by Mighty Number 9.

I mean when one has an IP as valuable as Mega Man I guess they might as well milk it. I never understood the love of Mega Man, each game looks and plays exactly the same, this one clearly being no exception to the well known Mega Man formula. The Mega Man franchise makes Madden look innovative, the only real change Mega Man 11 made was making its character models 3d.

Some reviews for the game are mediocre as Mega Man‘s viability in Smash Bros. Gamespot gave the game a 7/10 and IGN gave the game a 7.5/10. However, other love the game such as Nintendo Life who gave it a 9/10 and Trusted Reviews, who I don’t trust because they gave the game 5 out of 5 stars. I will just assume that any review where the game receives above a 7.5 is a review purchased by Capcom.

I joke of course, please do not sue me Capcom or anyone else who gave the game a stellar review. I’m sure my critics are over generalization, after all, I haven’t purchased the game, for all I know it could be better than super heaven itself. Either way, who knows how this game will sell, I’m sure it’ll do just fine since the last Mega Man game was released about eight years ago.

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