Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode to be Discontinued

Within the next month, Minecraft: Story Mode will no longer be available for download. After a long-run, developers, Telltale Games, have decided to discontinue the series.

The game had a great run. The narrative-style game was announced back in in 2014. They provided a cohesive storyline to the traditionally never-ending game through an enthralling series of well-acclaimed games.

Telltale Games shocked several fans after shutting down last year with seemingly no explanation. Given the company’s relative success, the news devestated many. Following that, the company chose to lay off most of its workers, only retaining 25. Additionally, the company removed many beloved titles from online stores. This included classics such as The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands. Minecraft: Story Mode is the latest of  Telltale Games’ titles to be pulled from stores.

The company is removing the entirety of both season one and season two. The developers have encouraged players to download as many episodes as possible before June 25.

Minecraft: Story Mode was originally available on a number of platforms. This includes the PS3 and PS4, the Wii U, Nintendo Switch, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, PC, Android and iOS devices, and even Netflix.

At the very least, longtime Story Mode enthusiasts may continue to play a modified version of the game on Netflix. While not entirely the same, it still provides interactive features that do justice to the original. The final two installments came out last December, the two seasons racking up a total of 13 episodes. So far, no announcements have been made in regards to its future status, but fans can expect that it’s there to stay.

As of now, the future of both Story Mode and Telltale Games stays grim. Stay tuned for more updates from PixelBay.