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More PSN ID Change Information

Earlier this month, we reported on Sony’s decision to allow users to update their PSN IDs much like their competitors for their subsequent online services. Currently, the feature is still in its testing stages, but new information has come out to shine some light on the dangers of changing your PSN ID.

We were already made aware that some games didn’t work with the PSN ID change feature. No list of games got announced but, we – the community – were told games released past April 1, 2018, had a chance of not being compatible.


A user via ResetEra posted on a thread that led to a follow-up reply detailing the repercussions of changing your ID. Key points made on this post indicate that content may be lost such as paid add-ons or virtual currency. This doesn’t only affect that aspect though; you may also lose PlayStation trophies, save data, and leaderboard information. Some applications, whether they are online or offline will also be affected and may not work properly.

There will be no charge if you wish to revert back to your old PSN ID. Sony does warn you that this will likely not fix all issues with save data and trophies. The change will also affect further played content, including progress and functionality as such, they say you should change it back as soon as possible.

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