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Mother Russia Bleeds is Going to the Nintendo eShop, Just not in Australia

Devolver Digital had announced that they would be releasing Mother Russia Bleeds to the Nintendo eShop. Well . . . most places anyway. Due to the violent and gory nature of the title, it was hit with some unfavorable glances from some countries who don’t want it anywhere near their citizens. Australia, a country notorious for banning games that they deem too violent, is one such case.

An issue with Mother Russia Bleeds stems largely from its use of drugs. It also doesn’t help that its rating in other regions are at the top of what is legal to sell in stores. In the game, the player can beat opponents, acquire a syringe, and inject it into themselves to gain buffs or health.

You may remember, back in the olden days of PixelBay, when we were just a terribly designed website with articles on it, we reported on Australia and We Happy Few. We Happy Few utilized a pill known as “Joy”, this implication of “promoting drug use” led to the ACB denying the game a rating. The decision has since been changed, but it doesn’t appear to be the same for Mother Russia Bleeds.

Following the announcement tweet from Devolver, they clarified that they will not bring the game to Australia or New Zealand. The reasoning was quite simple: because their government folk do not approve of this video game.

If you live Australia, however, you can still play Mother Russia Bleeds at this moment. The game is available on Steam.

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