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Netflix has Renewed its Raunchy Original Comedy Big Mouth for Third Season

The 2017 raunchy Netflix original comedy that is Big Mouth has been renewed by Netflix for another season. This makes three seasons in total. Created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flackett, and Mark Levin, Big Mouth tells the horrors of one of life’s most cruel, unavoidable things: puberty.

Everyone goes through it and it can be awkward. Big Mouth takes it to a whole new level with humor ranging from pillow sex to walking penises playing basketball. They even created the Hormone Monster played by Nick Kroll and Hormone Monstress played by Maya Rudolph. These two characters can often escalate the comedy quite drastically with their pervy ways. Needless to say, it has run into its own little controversies here and there. But, somehow it always came out on top and sometimes raunchier than ever.

Big Mouth’s third season has no release date as of yet, but from previous releases, we can make the assumption that it will be released sometime in Fall next year.

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