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New The Walking Dead Series Coming 2020

The Walking Dead child zombie

It’s been well-known that The Walking Dead franchise isn’t going anywhere. From films to other TV series, AMC’s planning on milking the franchise for all it’s worth. But, they’ve announced a third series that isn’t intruding on The Walking Dead or its prequel series.

Under this new show, we will follow two girls as they grow up in the wary world that the franchise has built up. The series will see their lives change and – in tandem – their affiliations. Some remain on the path of humanity while others deviate and follow the path of evil.

The series, as of now, is yet to be named and information is scarce. The series will be launching sometime in 2020 with a total of ten episodes.

Last year, AMC had made the announcement that the franchise would keep alive and well even after the ending of The Walking Dead series. They have even made a plan which involves films and other TV series.

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