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Nintendo Changes Policy Regarding Video Content

The Nintendo Partner Program is no more! Nintendo announced a few days ago that they’d be changing the guidelines for content on video sharing platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

From now on, Nintendo will allow video content based on their games to be monetized via the respective website’s monetization system. The only real rules now are that it must have some sort of original creative input. This means you still can’t upload plain cutscenes from the game and call it a day. This means let’s plays, reviews, and potentially other works may soon be monetized on Video Sharing Platforms.

As for the partner program thanks to the company allowing regular monetization, the program will be phased out over the next few months. Nintendo will no longer allow submissions for new videos or channels to be submitted. As for the website, in March, it will close.

The public has been quite relieved on the subject. Nintendo’s approach to content in the past has been nothing short of controversial.  The partner program, while seen to some as a step in the right direction, was still criticized. It seems Nintendo is finally willing to work with fans, at least a little bit. Here’s hoping the Switch built-in video recording capacity will increase beyond only thirty-seconds.

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