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Overcooked Is Free On Epic Games Store


While many people detest the Epic Games Store, others like and enjoy the free weekly game they get out of it. This week, it’s Overcooked by Ghost Town Games and Team17 with Torchlight coming next.

Overcooked is a four-player co-op game putting you in shoes a chef working their way to feed the masses. You do this by managing your cooking and, if with friends, cutting up the work between all of you.

It can be played single player, it truly shines brighter, though, when you have a group of friends beside you or you’re playing with others online. This EGS deal is valid until July 11.

Torchlight is an action RPG dungeon crawler from 2009. The game involves magic, sword-swinging, fantasy, and treasure. The EGS deal will kick on July 11.

Overcooked is available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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