Agony Developer Creating a New Survival Horror Game

Madmind Studio is the ambitious game developing studio behind Agony; the survival horror game that wasn’t received well. Many are skeptical about their new upcoming game, PARANOID. Even though their past game was considered, by many, to be a poor and unpolished title, Madmind could win hearts over with the promises of PARANOID.

This upcoming survival horror game centers around a tortured soul named Patrick Calman, a man who lost his entire family under mysterious circumstances. The events have left to his psyche shattered. He remains imprisoned in his own apartment until his sister calls him and announces her return. Patrick must leave his seclusion and endure the path of madness to reveal the truth.

The trailer showcases the graphics, a little bit of gameplay, monster design, and a surreal set piece. In the Steam description, it promises to be “combining a deep, psychological story with dynamic and brutal gameplay”. No release date was provided.

The trailer does show promise and Madmind Studio is a talented team. I hope they take their time to develop PARANOID and deliver on all their promises this time.