PewDiePie Banned From Roblox After Stream

PewDiePie, the most subscribed YouTube channel, began playing Roblox to try and widen the gap between him and the conglomerate that is T-Series on Sunday. Last year, people began noticing how close PewDiePie and T-Series were to each other when it came to subscribers. This led to a race to see whether T-Series would pass him in subs.

Sure enough, this also led people to simply subscribe to PewDiePie because they don’t want to see T-Series become the most subscribed channel on the platform. T-Series is India’s most popular music label and film studio.

In his newest video, the YouTuber brought to light that his Roblox account was terminated over “pewdie123t32’s place” in his most recent video. This spiraled into people noting that PewDiePie is not appropriate for Roblox. The name has nothing to do with the situation. I can verify that it’s not because “die” is in the name, in fact, someone out there has “Die” as their username. When you put it together it will claim it to be not appropriate.

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A staff member behind Roblox had opened up about the reasoning behind this ban.

YouTuber, greenlegocats123 has claimed they’ve been told multiple times that Roblox does not go ban people over off-site activity. PewDiePie’s termination caused fans to start demanding his account restored with comments like “Unban PewDiePie” on Roblox‘s Twitter posts. There’s also the #Unbanpewdiepie which has been getting a lot of traction.

[per[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#9c1cb2" class=”” size=”30"]anpewdiepie[/perfec[/perfectpullquote]>PewDiePie’s Roblox livestream is the second most trending gaming video in India.