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Premium Currency, Battlefield Currency, Is Out Now

Battlefield Currency

In a way to – no doubt – find a purpose to keep the Battlefield V servers alive, EA will be adding in what is referred to as Battlefield Currency starting April 4. This new form of currency is, of course, a premium currency used to buy cosmetics and XP. They also push that you can buy bundles which lump some cosmetics, XP, and other items. They have, though, made the choice to list what are in the bundles before you are to make a purchase.

This addition shouldn’t be surprising for anyone, especially those observant during the sales period. Not only is the publisher EA, but Battlefield V had rocky sales, in fact, it was down sixty percent from Battlefield 1 which came out in 2016. Part of the blame can be pinned on EA and their marketing of it, opting to include a woman on the cover of a game people assumed would be historically accurate.

Alongside its April 4 release, EA will be launching two starter kits to aid new players. These two kits are referred to as the Battlefield V Starter Kit and Battlefield V Premium Starter Kit. They detailed what is going to found in the kits.

The regular kit will contain:

500 Battlefield Currency
Glacial – Face paint (Rare)
Night Owl – Weapon Skin Set (Rare) for four weapons:
Sturmgewehr 1-5
Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I

The premium kit will contain:

3,500 Battlefield Currency
Demolisher – Axis Soldier Outfit (Epic)
Cool Hand Duke – Allied Soldier Outfit (Epic)
Skorpion – Panzer IV Vehicle Skin (Rare)
Icefire – Spitfire MK VA Vehicle Skin (Rare)
Chromed Finish – Weapon Skin Set (Rare) for four weapons:
Sturmgewehr 1-5
Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I

What do you think of all this?

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