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Project Genesis Close Playtest Coming Soon

Fans of sci-fi shooters are in for a special treat February 1st at 3 PM, PST. 8 Circuit Studios plan to release a closed playtest of their self-funded indie title; Project Genesis. With this game, you can traverse and battle in the deep reaches of space. Players will be able to participate in Breach and Board gameplay. They will have the option to inhabit an A.I. tactical support ship or breach the opposition’s ship. This is all done by using their own created avatar to destroy the core reactor or to raid the ship in first-person shooter combat.

Project Genesis takes place in the distant future where humanity is extinct. An A.I. that accidentally gained a soul carries the last remains of humanity in cryostasis. Your goal is to solve the mystery of n-SATOSHI’s disrepair and bring the galactic cruiser back on course.

8 Circuit Studios is compressed of a small group of developers. However, don’t let that discourage your hopes. The small team is composed of developers that worked on famous titles like Halo 5, the SOCOM series, the Age of Empires series, Donkey Kong CountrySuper Mario World, and much more.

If you are interested in taking part in the closed playtest, then head to Keep in mind, Project Genesis is in its pre-production stage. Your job will be to playtest the game and give your feedback about your experience. The developers will analyze your feedback and decide on the best course of action. Signing up now will give you the opportunity to test the current and future waves of Project Genesis‘ playtesting.

Here is their sign up trailer:

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