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The PS3 Gets A Valentine’s Day Gift From Sony


Despite the PS3 on its last leg and nearly out the door of the PlayStation Plus benefits, it seems Sony still has a soft spot for the console. On Valentine’s Day, Sony released a new firmware update to the PlayStation 3. This can come to a surprise to some as we run into the generation of the PS5.

The PS3 was announced in 2005 and launched in 2009. The price tag was vastly different from its fairly budget-friendly precursor. This price tag may or may not have been warranted with the plans they had. The PS3 was the launch of the PlayStation Network.

In 2017, it was announced that the console was discontinued in Japan. That being said, there have been games that had released throughout 2018, though, as of now its last release was in September 2018. The update isn’t particularly mind-blowing. The only real benefit the update provided was system performance upgrades.

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