Quantic Dream has an Announcement Soon

This year was quite a year for games. Many games were released this year, some of which people have been salivating over. One such game was Detroit: Become Human by Quantic Dream. Despite a small bump of controversy early on when their trailer inclusion of the child abusing father, Todd, it was rather well-received.

Though, it appears as the year comes to a close, Quantic Dream has more in store for its fans. Known for also making games like Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain, they more often than not puts a focus on story rather than extravagant gameplay. This worked in their favor with PS4 Detroit: Become Human.

It appears fans will have some form of news in 2019 according to a tweet released yesterday.

Now begs the question, is this announcement going to relate to a new game for PS4 or possibly the PS5?

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