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Quantic Dream Launching Multiple Titles To Epic Store


Quantic Dream is launching several of their titles to the Epic Store. Epic Games has announced during the Game Developers Conference 2019, Quantic Dream is launching Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, and their 2018 hit, Detroit: Become Human on PC through the Epic Store. All three of these games used to be PlayStation exclusives. Naturally, the three games will remain timed exclusives for Epic on PC.

This announcement follows the launch of Deep Silver’s Metro Exodus. Epic has angered gamers in the past with that timed exclusive since it bars Metro Exodus from releasing to other platforms until 2020. This was salt on the wound since it was already taking pre-orders on Steam. So, those who opted to wait until it was a little closer to the date suffered the consequences. The trailer launched to YouTube is overwhelmingly disliked.

Once PlayStation exclusive, Journey, is also coming to the Epic Store. No release dates have been confirmed for any of the games.

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