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Datamine Reveals Nintendo Switch Chicken In Realm Royale


Back in February, Realm Royale was datamined causing evidence of a potential Switch version to surface. While the rumors died down a bit, a second datamine expedition caused evidence to pile up further. One piece of evidence was an unfinished character labeled: “Nintendo Switch Chicken”.


Realm Royale is a free-to-play battle royale game launched last year. This game wouldn’t be the first of their games found on the eShop. Developer, Hi-Rez Studios, also put Smite and Paladins on the platform in the past. This wouldn’t even be the first time datamining caused Hi-Rez-related leaks as both Smite and Paladins’ Switch ports were leaked due to the action.

Hi-Rez Studios has yet to confirm the release as of writing this.

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