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[UPDATED] Reddit User Warns FanFiction Site Users Not to Check Profiles

In 1998, Xing Li founded a website known as FanFiction.net, allowing users to post their fanfictions for all to read. You could find most any property with at least one fanfiction tied to its name on the site. Now it’s become a dangerous situation for avid FFN users. An unknown hacker has slithered their way into the site. No user is safe.

Linked to users who check other accounts, the hacker seems to have been able to edit users’ bios and add some Javascript that will link to malicious websites. Many updates have occurred to this story, most recently, Reddit user, RitzierHades63 told others that the virus changed to now add a backup email labeled actorzero@countermail.com. This email will mean the hacker will have access to your account if you are to request a new password.

This hack also left users incapable of private messaging properly leading to a lack of communication. Without private messaging, more users are left unaware. Some users note this big issue is linked to Javascript, as such disabling Javascript in your preferred browser is all you need to do.

If you want to keep access to your old FFN account, or perhaps you are still writing on there, be warned: DO NOT CHECK USER PROFILES.

Currently, neither FictionPress nor Li has addressed the situation. They have also not responded to our email requesting a comment. CounterMail has also been contacted and made aware of the situation by our PR team. This article will be added updated as we learn more.

UPDATE: After a couple of days, FictionPress, the company in charge of FanFiction.net has made note of the situation. They are actively working to fix the security flaw.

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