Silent Hill

Silent Hill Franchise SHOULD Remain Silent

The last mainstream Silent Hill game was Downpour, released back in 2012. An installment that greatly disappointed the majority of fans and including myself. A game suppressed by bland story and characters, poor polish, and below average graphics. There was an HD collection release the same year, but no one likes to acknowledges it. Silent Hills looked promising, but Konami canceled it. Since then, the franchise has been silent. The only activity the franchise has been receiving is those bloody, disgusting Pachinko machines. Many fans have been clambering for a new installment that isn’t a gambling slot machine. However, this may be for the best. This is going to break my heart to say: The Silent Hill franchise should remain silent.

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I don’t loathe the franchise. Correction: I love this franchise. I’m finally able to play Silent Hill 2 and I’m loving every single moment of it. Playing the next two original installments is very enticing to me after 2; Engaging storyline, interesting characters, masterful atmosphere, and mesmerizing music. The Silent Hill franchise was at its peak on the sixth generation of consoles. Sadly, the franchise proud legacy was soiled from future installments and Konami’s inept decision making.

After Silent Hill 4, the franchise moved over to western developers. Silent Hill: Origins, is the first western developed title. A game that felt like a poor copy and paste of Silent Hill 2. The main character has a dark past, town messes with his mind, pyramid head like creature chases him, and has multiple endings. This repetitive pattern would continue for future installments and restrain them from greater heights. Instead of bold, daring leaps; all western games are consumed by the past. Homecoming and Downpour feel uninspiring and stale when compared to Silent Hill 2. If they were their own original IP’s with no connections to Silent Hill, then they could stand their ground. If they refuse to move on, then each new installment is doomed to soil the proud legacy of Silent Hill.

[per[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#9c1cb2" class=”” size=”30"]ern developers aren’t the plague.[/perfec[/perfectpullquote]>They could vastly improve and do something fresh with a new installment. The disgusting, disgraceful plague is Konami. It’s no secret that Konami is one of the most shameful and hated publishers. I wouldn’t trust them to make another Silent Hill game. Look how they slaughter their pride and joy, Metal Gear and Hideo Kojima. Konami kicked Kojima out and forbid him from attending the game awards in 2015. Then, they turned Metal Gear into a generic survival game with piss-poor production. To add insult to injury, they bloated the game with outrageous microtransactions. Seriously! Ten dollars for a save slot! Could you honestly trust this publisher with Silent Hill?! I could imagine a new installment with below average graphics, micro-transactions for save slots and answers for puzzles, and bugs everywhere. Essentially, a lazy cash grab to squeeze all remaining goodwill out of the franchise.

The Silent Hill franchise being silent is a blessing to the fans. This amazing franchise doesn’t have to endure what many triple AAA games are today. Half-baked games filled with insulting microtransactions with a full 60 dollar price tag. I do truly do miss this franchise and wish it would come back, but under Konami’s greedy hands and western developers unable to escape the past; I rather have it remain silent.