Soko Banana – Yes, A New Game Is Coming To The NES

For those of you who haven’t updated your home gaming console in years, you’re in luck. A third-party group is developing a game for the NES. That’s right. The IP of the new puzzler release, Soko Banana, is slated for release on a console Nintendo discontinued literally two decades ago.

Soko Banana is the Kickstarter project of Swedish group FlipForFate, looking to stay faithful to old-school 8-bit games.  And indeed, looking at the gameplay right now, you can definitely see the retro vibe that accompanied childhood favorites like Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda.

The game draws inspiration from Sokoban, a puzzle game from the 80s. Your monkey’s task, should you choose to accept it, is getting all the banana crates to the exit. You travel through islands and visit banana warehouses, Oh, and you can also find three bananas on each level.

Playing through the demo version myself, I can vouch for the game’s comprehensiveness and challenging mechanics. Escaping from traps and enemies and moving crates around is tough. But doing it against retro graphics and a killer soundtrack makes this a game to watch out for.

Nostalgic fans and old-timers need not fret. With game developers coming back to playing around with classic software, there’s hope for you. This only goes to show that you don’t always have to buy the newest hardware in the market.

After all, nothing beats the classics.

A demo version of the game is has been released to the public. Support the release and get merch by donating to their Kickstarter.