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Sonic Is Now A Horror Icon

Recently, I had a terrifying nightmare of a horrendous, blue demon rodent chasing me. Constantly mocking me. I woke up sweating, trembling, and my heart pounding. Relieved that the nightmare is over. I went on to YouTube to discover a horrible revelation! My nightmare has transcended into reality and transformed into an upcoming blockbuster movie called: Sonic The Hedgehog!

Turns out that isn’t this case. No instead, Hollywood took a beloved existing franchise and regurgitated out into an unrecognizable mess. Except this time, Hollywood turned Sonic the Hedgehog into a new horror icon.

Paramount recently released an official trailer of Sonic The Hedgehog and it has horrified fans with Sonic’s new design. If you took at Sonic’s design in the trailer; you will notice his proportions are incorrect. His legs, feet, eyes, arms, and hands are human proportioned. Even his teeth are human! Sonic doesn’t wear gloves in the live action film. He has white paws that’s add more to the nightmare. Instead of the colorful cartoon coming to life, we get Satan’s hellspawn.

You would think Sonic The Hedgehog would get the same treatment as Detective Pikachu. Slightly altering the character’s design, but keeping them recognizable. Look at Pikachu, he’s very adorable that I want to buy a plushy of him. Sonic, on the other hand, makes want to go see therapy.

Sonic the Hedgehog is planned to be released in November 2019. Giving Paramount enough time to fix Sonic’s design. All they literally need to do is based it off the fans redesign. The fans redesign is more pleasant to look at and doesn’t cause trauma. However, I do have my doubts that Paramount will fix this. They will likely forever leave Sonic The Hedgehog as a horror icon.

On the bright side, director Jeff Fowler has heard the criticism and seemingly plans to change the design.

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