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Sony-Nike’s “PG 2.5 x PlayStation” is Ridiculously Priced for Shoes

On November 21, PlayStation announced that they will be collaborating with Nike for the second time in the form of the “PG 2.5 x PlayStation”. The shoes are inspired by the PSX, sporting the classic red, yellow, green, and blue PlayStation logo on the tongue of the left shoe, while on the right is the PG logo. On the sides of the shoes, X, square, triangle, and circle are pasted. On the inside heels on both shoes is a circular power button. The backs of the shoes have “Paul George” written on them, Paul George is the NBA player who originally designed the shoes. The newer white PlayStation logo is at the bottom of the blue soles.

The shoes look extremely good, even to someone like me who buys a pair of shoes and then doesn’t change them until there are fifteen holes in them. The video in which these lovely looking shoes were announced in a one minute video that shows off the shows for about thirty five-ish seconds.

The video starts with a blocky rendition of a PlayStation One, which transforms into a pair of shoes as the equally blocky controller’s buttons are pushed. Then the video cuts to a pair of blocky shoes running and then grinding to a halt. The shoes then transform into the lovely smooth, grey shoes that the video has built up so much hype around. That being said . . . I couldn’t care less about shoes, even these ones.

To be completely honest, I’d appreciate a good old ham sandwich (with cheese, of course) than a pair of expensive shoes. But nevertheless, these shoes look pretty damn good, even I wanted them, and I emphasize: “wanted” for a reason.

As nice as these shoes look, everything comes with a price. These shoes cost more than two AAA games, listed at $110. So, I, personally, think that I’ll pass. I just know that if I managed to convince myself to spend $110 on a pair of shoes (which will never happen since I’m not insane), I’d walk outside and step in gum and on a nail at the same time. But, if you are the type of madman to spend that amount of money on these shoes, I doubt you’ll get them. These things will sell out faster than houses on a 70% sale. There’s no doubt in my small (but sane) mind that these shoes will be limited and gone in under two minutes, just like the Fallout 4 Pip-Boys.

But, if you are lucky enough to secure yourself pair of PG 2.5 x PlayStations by its release on December 1, 2018, take a look at those shoes, sit down with them, have a nice chat, look deep into their soles and ask yourself (first: how you managed to get a pair in the first place), why and what would actually possessed you to spend $110 on things that hold your feet? Anyway, if you want them, I wish you luck. Meanwhile, I’ll be relaxing while eating my ham and cheese sandwich.

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