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Sony Submits Patent for New Controller

Sony Interactive Entertainment America has submitted a patent for a new “gaming controller” to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This patent popping up has led many to believe it’s a controller for the next-gen PlayStation. A console which was confirmed early last month by Sony CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida.

The patent details a controller designed similarly to a PS4 controller, having the main body with grips and buttons on both sides. However, interesting to note is the use of the term “touchscreen” when referring to a part of the main body on the controller. On the PS4 controller, it was referred to as the touchpad, indicating this will be more like a screen. This is possibly in a similar vain to the touchscreen on the DS products by Nintendo.

Also of note is the diagram on the bottom of the patent. While we don’t get a good look at the controller, there is a lot of information in here. In one image, it appears something is popping out of the controller. Also, the diagram includes references to the internet, which signifies the controller may have some sort of internet functionality. It’s not clear how this would work.

In the diagram, there is also something which doesn’t have anything to do with anything else described in the patent. It appears to be a camera, which is viewing the player, however, the player is holding nothing in their hands, meaning, this could be similar to the PlayStation Eye Camera from the PlayStation 2, or more famously, the Kinect.

PixelBay has reached out to Sony for comment and will update the article when we hear back

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