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Soulja Boy Created Knock-Off Console Is Taken Down By Nintendo

In 2018 we learned a valuable lesson: don’t screw with Nintendo. A massive game company that single handily saved the game industry and raised a generation of gamers shouldn’t be trifled with. No matter how popular you are. Case in point: Soulja Boy. He recently released his own game “consoles”. These “consoles” were no more than an expensive emulator that came preloaded with unlicensed games.

It’s common knowledge that Nintendo keeps their IP’s close to their chest. Nintendo will go after ROM websites for giving their games away for free. It was guaranteed that Nintendo would take legal action against Soulja Boy because he had their property on his knock-off console. Funny enough, Soulja Boy belittled Nintendo in a tweet couple days back. Claiming Nintendo won’t do anything. These tweets were recently deleted as well as his console.

I wouldn’t doubt that Nintendo took legal action against Soulja Boy. Matter in fact, if you visit; it will take you to Nintendo’s 3DS’ web page. Where can browse lovely 3Ds and 2Ds bundles. Again, what did we learn? Follow the law and don’t become Nintendo’s target.


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