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Soulja Boy’s Shopify Page Is Down

Soulja Boy has proven this year that he spectacularly fails as a businessman. Early this year, Nintendo took legal action against Soulja Boy for using their IP’s on his knock-off console. On the first, learned that Soulja Boy had to change the URL of one his websites. If you visit,, it will transfer you to the Nintendo 3D’s shop page and still currently is. Now, if visit his general store web page; you will be faced with a message stating the shop is unavailable. Apparently, his store has been down since January 17th.

What is Soulja Boy’s “rational” explanation? Well, if you visit his Twitter, he did give an explanation.

Grammar isn’t Soulja Boy’s strong suit nor creating concrete proof of claim. Shopify support has reached out to him in a tweet on January 17, but nothing has changed. There have been numerous speculations on why the web page is down. Some claim the Nintendo lawsuit went further than expected. Others believe it’s due to him lying about sales numbers he’s earned that him into serious trouble with other businesses or it could be both. Whatever the case may be, if this pattern keeps up; Soulja Boy will be drumming his last tune.

TheQuartering video on false sales:

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