Super Hero Origins: Who Is The Female Thor?

Natalie Portman Is Set To Bring The Goddess Of Thunder To Our Screens In 2021

But Just Who Is She?

The female incarnation of the God of Thunder debuted in 2014 soon after the comic book event, Original Sin, in which the classic Thor was rendered unworthy of his hammer by Nick Fury.

Initially, the identity of this new Thor was kept a mystery, most probably to boost comic sales and to spark interest online. This being the Internet, the decision to give a woman the power of Thor, of course, caused a bit of controversy.

To Marvel’s credit, they played on these themes for the majority of the all-new Thor’s comic run, with various characters such as Odin, Thor, Loki and the Avengers all gunning against her, with Thor traveling across the Nine Realms to try and deduce the identity of Thor. Thor, now going by Odinson, is quick to dismiss his long-time love interest and friend, Jane Foster, due to her having cancer and thus being in a weakened state. In truth, however, Jane is the almighty Thor.

So, How Did It Happen?

After Odinson lost the power of Thor, Mjolnir sat dormant on the moon for a time, but there must always be a Thor and so the hammer reappeared in the presence of Jane Foster. While wielding Mjolnir, Jane has all the powers of Thor, however, this comes at a cost, as the transformation burns out the chemotherapy that’s battling her cancer. Throughout her comic run, she’s had to balance her condition with her duties as the Goddess of Thunder, even if its led to her own detriment.

What Has She Done?

As well as taking over the duties and responsibilities of Thor, Jane has helped to wage war on the classic Marvel villain Malekeith the Dark Elf, joined the latest incarnation of the Avengers and even stared down Odin himself. Unfortunately, her life as Thor was shortlived, as she burned through the last of her power to stop the Mangog, a grotesque monster capable of destroying all of Asgard. However, that wasn’t the end of her story, as she lay on the verge of death, Thor and Odin, used their combined powers to bring her back from the gates of Death (literally).

Now Jane Foster has adopted the moniker of Valkyrie, using the transformed Mjolnir of an alternate Earth to participate in the latest Marvel event War Of The Realms. 

Are you excited to see a female version of Thor in the MCU? What are your thoughts on Natalie Portman returning as Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder? Let us known in the comments below.